Best Lawn Care Tips for Spring

Spring ushers in a time of the year when the sun is just warm enough while the breeze appears to be sufficiently relaxed. Taking care of the lawn during spring is an exercise that many people find very challenging. Homeowners spend billions of dollars each year on lawn care. Homeowners invest these large sums of money on fertilizers, seeds, lawnmowers, herbicides, string trimmers and many other pieces of equipment they believe can keep their lawns in excellent condition. Taking good care of the grass does not rely on the choice of equipment alone. The landscaper hired for this job should be skilled and experienced to do an excellent work.

What Lawn Bare Should Be Done During Spring

Lawn care during spring is essential to ensuring that the grass does not suffer during the summer. What the landscaper or homeowner does on the grass during spring shall determine how it shall look at summer. Taking care of the grass during spring is mandatory considering the damage that winter leaves behind. During winter, the soil experiences an alteration of its pH levels. The earth grows more compact during winter. Winter creates the conditions that allow diseases and weeds to thrive on the ground. Therefore, if the lawn does not receive proper care and maintenance during spring after the horrors of winter, expect the grass to die or suffer during the summer.

Proper maintenance of the lawn should not begin at spring. This should be the norm for the year. Every day of the week, every month, throughout the year, the lawn needs proper care and maintenance. Ensure that the ground is as even as possible if the lawn is to benefit from good drainage. Use a shovel to cut down all the parts of the yard that appear to have risen from the ground higher than others. Focus on the depressed areas of the lawn, by filling them with soil. Afterward, consider how to plant fresh grass during spring. Winter might have killed some of the grass. Therefore, look for good and healthy grass and plant on the affected parts of the lawn.

As part of the proper lawn care strategies during the spring, do not forget to fertilize the freshly planted grass. The existing grass might also require a fresh application of fertilizers. Through proper application of fertilizers, the lawn would have no problem growing lush and thick. On the other hand, be very careful with the fertilizers, bearing in mind that they can cause massive damages on the grass. Nitrogen fertilizers, especially the slow-release variety would be the best in such scenarios. Have a proper sense of timing, since applying fertilizers too early or too late in the season could produce devastating results that leave the grass extensively damaged.

As We Conclude…

Finally, learn how to mow the grass or lawn during spring. Grass cutting is an art. Grass cutting requires a particular set of skills. Remember that cutting grass, and the frequency at which it takes place, affects the health of the grass. Cut the grass at just the right height. Too short, and the lawn would suffer irreparably, in the long run. Do not forget to take good care of all the lawn care equipment throughout the year, and not during spring alone.